Cheam Enterprises Inc and Securiguard Security Services Group have partnered to form Cheam Securiguard Group,  “a Securiguard partner company.” The company is located in Rosedale, in the Fraser Valley of BC, which forms part of Cheam First Nation’s traditional territory and offers a complete range of security services and solutions including:

​​​❚ Uniformed Security Office

Bike Patrols
K9 Patrols
GPS enabled vehicles and dispatch
Real time monitoring and emergency response
Security system design and installation
Security analytics and consulting

Our Vision:

We will be the best at making people feel safe by inspiring our front-line staff to “believe they can make a difference” in everything they do.


Our Mission:

We make people feel safe.

Our Values:


Respect: Treating others with dignity and respect.
          Empathy: Recognizing and responding to others needs.

                                                                                Accountability: Doing what we say.
                                                                                Courtesy: Engaging people with polite and courteous manners.
                                                                                Honesty: Being truthful in character and behavior.


Contact Cheam Safety & Security at:


Phone: 604-845-5174