Cheam Enterprises Inc and DMS Industrial Constructors have partnered to form Cheam DMS Group LP, specializing in mechanical and electrical installations for new construction as well as expansions, maintenance turnarounds, and plant relocations. DMS provides a comprehensive range of engineering, construction, procurement and project management services in sectors such as oil and gas, mining, petrochemical, hydro generation and food processing.



DMS specializes in all types of utility and process piping regardless of material type. Our list of registered weld procedures covers the basic materials of carbon and stainless steels, as well as the more exotic material types such as Inconel, titanium, Chromalloy, and A20 Alloy. DMS also specializes in weld engineering, finite element analysis, structural design, design and review of cranes and crane runways, pressure vessel and piping design, and visual inspection.



DMS has extensive experience in the installation of all types of equipment, including tanks, pumps, cranes and crane rails, as well as rotating and material conveyance equipment. The structural steel division works closely with the pipefitters and millwrights to provide design, fabrication, and installation of all associated works. We provide insulation for process and utility piping, tanks and vessels, as well as external duct work.

          The following are services we can offer in-house:

          ❚ Process and Utility Piping

          ❚ Millwrighting

          ❚ Structural Steel and Miscellaneous Metals

          ❚ Insulation

          ❚ Engineering


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