Cheam Enterprises Inc. and Canruss have partnered to form Cheam Canruss Group LP, a progressive medical and safety services company that prides itself on its track record of quality service in today’s competitive marketplace. The company has emerged as a leader in medical and safety services and adheres to rigid systems, policies and procedures. It is the synergy of our people and structure of our processes that has instilled confidence in all of our clients, giving them the knowledge that we always perform and operate safely and responsibly.

The company is located in Rosedale, in the Fraser Valley of BC which forms part of Cheam First Nation’s traditional territory.

Canruss Medical and Safety has been providing Paramedics, First-Aid Attendants, Nurses, Physician Support as well as Rescue and Safety Services to rural and remote workplaces in Western Canada Since 2005 and partnered with Cheam Enterprises Inc. in 2016.

With a large number of Industrial Ambulances, Medical Clinics, and Mobile Treatment Centres, Cheam Canruss Group LP is now a leader in providing medical coverage on both large and small projects in Western Canada. Without question, the company’s strengths standout as being the quantity of equipment and access to a large number of experienced and trained Paramedics in British Columbia.


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Phone: 604-845-5174